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Smart corporate responsibility

Smart corporate responsibility should be mutually beneficial providing positive impacts on your business, industry and society. Ecofiniti helps you to integrate sustainability into your wider CR strategy ensuring sustainability projects serve business, community and the environment. Incorporating sustainability into a strong CR Policy is fundamental for corporate development, meeting the moral and social duties that companies now need to minimise corporate risk and maximise customer and brand loyalty. A solid CR strategy allows a business to re-examine its principles and ensure its values are integrated into all company operations whilst displaying the best in corporate citizenship.

Ecofiniti looks to solve global challenges by building partnerships which deliver impactful projects that are commercially scalable to benefit businesses and communities alike. We utilise our skills in environmental sustainability to ensure that global projects are a catalyst for change, supporting champions and change makers in developing countries protecting areas of biodiversity and natural significance across the globe.

Ecofiniti partners with projects that aim to deliver benefits to local communities. The projects tackle issues of diversity, gender equality, biodiversity and environmental protection, health and education whilst focusing on obtaining tangible results.  Whether benefitting wildlife, sustainable communities, supporting environmental scientific research or assisting with the advocacy of worthy projects, Ecofiniti works with your business and networks to create new, exciting and innovative projects. We bring wide ranging benefits to business, entire industries and communities.

Feel free to explore a selection of some of the projects Ecofiniti and our clients have been proud to be involved in. 

Herd of Elephants


This pioneering programme in Kenya is the first Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) project to gain Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) validation.


Also validated to Gold Level of the Climate, Community and Biodiversity (CCB) Standard, it is implementing critical activities for reducing deforestation while creating local sustainable development opportunities and protecting valuable ecosystems. 

Frozen Landscape


Project Pressure is a charity documenting the world’s vanishing glaciers, collaborating with world-renowned artists creating and exhibiting work that inspire action and participation.

Project Pressure benefits educational, cultural and science sectors, and will continue to do so for generations to come. The ongoing mission is to depict firsthand the environmental impact of climate change, to engage emotions in order to incite positive behavioural change as well as generating useful data for scientific use.

Aerial Photo of a Forest


The Valdivian Coastal Reserve is part of an ancient temperate rainforest rising from Chile’s southern coastline. This vast stretch of coastal forest is a remnant of millennia past — when it was connected to the forests of New Zealand and Australia. In fact, some species are more closely related to species from those distant places rather than the Americas. During the last Ice Age, this coastal range served as a freeze-free refuge for a multitude of species found nowhere else on Earth. 

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