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About us

Ecofiniti is a specialist consultancy group with a focus on corporate sustainability.

In a world facing climate change, sustainability is no longer just a ‘nice to have ideal.’ To survive and thrive, we have to adapt how we live and how we do business.


Ecofiniti assists businesses in developing strategies to reduce their environmental impacts, manage their risks and increase profitability – enhancing their businesses for the future.


We provide organizations with the tools and understanding to effectively manage their environmental footprint.

About Us
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The Kasigau Corridor REDD Project,


Ecofiniti along with our partners and clients have helped many worthwhile environmental causes and projects around the world. 


One such cause is the Kasigau Wildlife Corridor in Kenya where we have helped save over 140,000 tonnes of carbon and contributed over $100 million USD of net benefits to the local community.


This is just one of many projects we help our clients partner with to make positive actions. 

Myles Ruffy, head of workplace, Charles taylor

'A unique approach to sustainability, backed with a full understanding of the underlying commercial drivers in modern-day business really set Ecofiniti apart from others in a crowded marketplace.'

Duncan Everett, DirectoR,

Optimal Monitoring

'has seen significant carbon reduction across the European building stock, and continues to drive down consumption by creating greater staff awareness, and the identification of carbon reduction capital projects, with good payback.'

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Joel Cesare, Environmental Manager

City of Santa Monica

'The unique ability to take an idea, navigate the complex decision making structure of a large organization, and implement it.'

Valdivian Coastal Reserve, chile

Ecofiniti along with our partners and clients helped this environmental project with worth funds through significant carbon offsetting. 

The reserve protects a unique temperate rainforest environment full of unique flora & fauna


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Recycling 97%

of your

office waste

Ecofiniti worked with WRAP to create a bespoke waste management and recycling system that achieved incredible results. 


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Case Study: 

Making your office 40% more energy efficient

Ecofiniti led a pioneering project to redesign an office making it 40% more efficient than its predecessor. 

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